Evolved Kinetics® EZ-Bak Massager - Basic Set




I'm guessing that you have tried Massage, Foam Rollers and even the latest technology "Massage Guns".

I bet you have even bartered with your partner, promising anything just to have them dig into your shoulders for 5 minutes?

Yet...you're still frustrated.

Don't worry...you're not the only one that thinks, because we all have muscle knots, effective treatment methods must exist!?


In fact, muscle knots are so common that even the most educated professionals overlook them as the cause of chronic pain.

This leads to limited interest in designing effective treatment options.

If you think attempting to balance on a 4inch roller while flailing around on the ground is effective engineering then I would disagree.

While the latest "gun" technology is effective for the arms and legs, how are you supposed to reach the most common problem areas like the neck, shoulders and hips?

And do you really want a massage gun hammering into your neck?

If simple "muscle knots" are the cause of your chronic pain, just think of all the wasted medication, repetitive appointments and surgeries that could be avoided.

And all the lost money that these procedures generate.

But short of having a personal massage therapist on call 24/7 what is the best way to treat muscle knots AKA trigger points?

I'm Dr. B and I have been treating muscle knots/ trigger points for over 25 years.

During that time I've seen first hand the most common areas of the body affected by them and figured out the most effective treatments to break them up.

Targeting them with sustained pressure and manually breaking up the knot is the best way to minimize them... period.

Nothing works better!!

However, each person is unique.

Only you know exactly how much pressure over the muscle knot that you can tolerate.

This is a key point... because in order for the treatment to be effective you must relax enough to allow the treatment to occur.

Tense muscles reacting to painful pressure or from straining to reach a spot, will not relax enough for an effective treatment to occur.

So if you're fighting to maintain your balance on a roller, your partner is killing you with too much pressure or you have to contort like a gymnast to reach your spot... you are not relaxed.

All of this knowledge became the basis of design for EZ-Bak® Massager.

EZ-Bak® Massager is a wall based roller system which allows you to target the exact spot while leaning in with the perfect amount of pressure to your unique tolerance level.

You are in a standing posture with most muscles relaxed, you lean in with your own body weight... controlling the exact amount of pressure applied and targeting the exact spot necessary.

You take control and become your own massage therapist who effectively treats your muscles at home, without having to rely on anyone... including your partner.

Empowering you to loosen muscle knots from the head to the hips all by yourself.

In over 25 years of treating trigger points, I have not used anything that works better than this.

That is high praise, but it also took over 2 years of design failures and redesigns before we got it right.

Nothing else allows you to:
- Target the exact spot.
- Use the perfect amount of pressure.
- Sustain the pressure for as long as you like.

   All while in a relaxed posture... by yourself.

PS... for those worried about the 2 mounting screws in the wall?

Just mount it behind your bedroom door so that you don't take up any valuable wall real estate.
(like the video below)

Besides, you are usually in your comfy clothes in the bedroom which is the perfect attire to relax and break up muscle knots.


Stand, Lean & Roll.



Each Basic Set includes:

1 - EZ-Bak® Massager Base (Ships in 2 pieces)

1 - EZ-Bak® Massager Wall Attachment Plate

6 - EZ-Bak® Massager Roller Balls (2 each of 3 different sizes) 

1 - EZ-Bak® Massager Instruction Manual