Why Try Evolved Kinetics®?

Lasting pain relief begins with you.

You can't rely upon someone else to "fix-you".

They don't understand your life, they don't know your pain.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain affects most everyone, especially as we age.

A single "cure-all" method or pill is not realistic.

Owning tools designed to help relieve your pain, at home, is a good plan.

Using these tools consistently, to prevent flare ups, is an even better plan.

Evolved Kinetics® literally means Changed Movement.

We design musculoskeletal pain relief tools that "Change How You Move".

Our designs utilize proven methods... reimagined with user-friendly function.

But let's be clear, they don't move themselves.

It takes effort from you.

With properly designed tools, pain relief is now in your hands.

They work on your schedule.

Hitting that exact spot is now possible because you are in charge.

We provide the tools, you provide the relief.