About Us

Doctors offices, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, exercise & even dieting.

We've all tried them with varied degrees of success but the need for repetitive appointments and the cost is not realistic for most.

Something that can be done consistently, at home and doesn't break the bank would be ideal.

This is why Evolved Kinetics® was created.

You need user friendly tools designed with proven methods for addressing pain.

Evolved tools, easy enough to be used by almost anyone on a daily basis yet effective enough to relieve chronic pain.

Until now, most pain relief devices for home use have been expensive and complicated.

Complicated devices result in inconsistent use and end up collecting dust under your bed or in a closet.

Frustrated with this fact, and the need to relieve his own chronic back pain stemming from an abnormally shaped vertebra, our founder (and Chiropractor) Dr.B, set out on a mission to create better options.

Comfortable options that are simple to use at home and provide real pain relief.

The results are all natural, 100% drug free tools that mobilize your body utilizing proven methods but in a more user friendly way.

The power to control his own chronic pain, utilizing these simple methods, impacted his life so dramatically that it’s now his life’s mission to share them with everyone suffering like he used to.

Evolved Kinetics® gets you back to living the normal, active life that we all crave instead of being chained to your couch by chronic pain flare ups.

EZ-Bak® Massager is our latest design improvement over foam rollers.

You simply:  stand, lean and roll against the wall instead of getting down on the floor.

Combined with Lo-Bak TRAX™, you can now target from the head to the hips without making appointments or relying upon anyone's availability.

You are in control from the comfort of home 24/7.

Evolved Kinetics®

"Change How You Move"