"Change How You Move"

It's not just a slogan...It's what we do.

Dr. Berthiaume needed something quick & easy to relieve his constant back pain.
When he realized nothing like that existed...he created it.

"I want to be in control of my own health.
I never want to depend on medications to keep me moving."

Our Founder: Dr. Berthiaume

EK Simplicity

Our Story

"Change How You Move"

Our founder, Dr. Berthiaume is a Chiropractor who suffered with back pain for years.

    One day, while adjusting a patient in his office, he experienced a severe back spasm.

    He felt embarrassed… why should anyone listen to him when he can't even solve his own problem?

He started questioning his career as a Chiropractor?

    It was then that he knew, he had to do something to fix this…
otherwise, how could he go on as a Trusted Chiropractor? 

This inspired his invention, Lo-Bak TRAX™, a simple treatment device that can be done in less than 5 minutes from the comfort of home. 

Lo-Bak TRAX™ was the answer he was searching for:
1) A simple way to consistently stretch his back.
2) A home based remedy that was available 24/7 (even for emergencies).

Lo-Bak TRAX™ was then “Discovered by a Shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank and went on to help hundreds of thousands of people suffering just like Dr. Berthiaume used to.
It was featured on QVC & in a National Infomercial with this Shark from 2015- 2019.

This success encouraged him to create the “Change How You Move” movement called:
Evolved Kinetics®

     His focus is to help people find relief with all natural, 100% drug free, home based methods that really work.

Evolved Kinetics® literally means changed movement.

     And consistent movement is a key to optimal health.

Evolved Kinetics® is a better way to control chronic muscle & joint pain from home and a more effective way to Change How You Move.

Just imagine how much better life could be if you were in control of your pain relief?