"Change How You Move"

The Premise is Simple:

Design methods that most anyone can use at home, to relieve their chronic musculoskeletal pain.
This results in more consistent use & more effective pain relief.

"I never wanted to depend on medications or rely upon anyone else to keep me moving.
I always want to be in control of my health."

Our Founder: Dr. Berthiaume

EK Simplicity

Our Story

Nothing seems to help... They just don't get me...
Sound Familiar?

We can relate...
Our founder, Dr. Berthiaume, has a rare disorder of the spine called Bertolotti’s Syndrome.

      He suffered with chronic back pain before discovering this while attending
Chiropractic College.

     Because it's rare, very few professionals have even heard of  it, never mind treat it.

     It gets worse as you age and the episodes become more frequent & more intense.

So you walk around on eggshells fearing the next episode.

    One day, while adjusting a patient in his office, he experienced a severe back spasm.

    He felt ashamed and embarrassed… why should anyone listen to his recommendations when he couldn’t even solve his own problem.

    He knew right then & there that he had to do something to fix this…
otherwise, how could he go on being a Trusted Chiropractor? 


He needed a way to consistently control his chronic musculoskeletal pain.

    Consistent treatment is the key to achieving lasting relief.

This was the inspiration for his invention, Lo-Bak TRAX™, a simple treatment device that can be done in less than 5 minutes from the comfort of home. 

It’s easy and convenient which leads to more consistency.


Giving people the freedom to treat their chronic musculoskeletal pain whenever they wanted and the convenience of doing so at home was a big hit.

We’re happy to report that Lo-Bak TRAX™ has gone on to help hundreds of thousands of people suffering just like Dr. Berthiaume used to.

This success led him to create the “Change How You Move” movement called 

Evolved Kinetics®.

     His focus is to help people find relief with 100% drug free, all natural, home based methods that really work.

Evolved Kinetics® literally means changed movement.

     The goal is to change your movement with simple and effective methods.

     And, "Consistent Movement" is one of the main keys to optimal health.

Evolved Kinetics®... a better way to control chronic musculoskeletal pain from home.

Just imagine how productive your life could be if you could just control your chronic pain??