The "EK" Flash Drive


This little device is jammed packed with relief and information.
The Beginners Yoga video alone is worth the price but you get 3 other videos as well.
All with the same instructor Marin.

We did the work here and compiled everything that you need to start your musculoskeletal pain relief journey.
We address, the diet and stress components mostly with this flash drive but also include the book in e-format that explains it all... "Chronically Acute" by our founder Dr.B

This flash drive is intended for you take on the go.
Most people when traveling for work or play fall off of their routines because they can't take their devices with them.

This flash drive allows you to plug into a computer and print the Anti-Inflammatory Menu or Lo-Bak TRAX™ poster.
Simply plug it into the tv to follow along with the Yoga, Tai-Chi or Meditation videos.
Curl up on the couch and read about the effects of Stress or the Evolved Kinetics® journey with the 3 e-books loaded into this spectacular device.

Nowhere else can you get all of this value for only $39.99

Grab your "EK" Flash Drive now.