Additional Uses

Additional Uses of Lo-Bak TRAX:

Lo-Bak TRAX's solid metal construction & unique "V" shape makes stretching the Hamstring Muscles easier than most other methods.
It also allows you to target the exact area of the Hamstring muscles you want to stretch simply by changing the positioning of your leg. 

This 2nd video shows how you can comfortably give a targeted stretch to the Piriformis and Hip Rotator Muscles, from the comfort of your own bed. You can even pull the leg towards your head slightly to enhance the stretch.
The all metal construction and unique “V” shape design allow you to relax & pull with mere fingertips, with very little effort.
This is in contrast to other devices such as bands that have “give” which cause you to use significantly more muscle energy to overcome this “give”.
Ultimately this causes more muscle activation which results in resistance to the stretch and becomes counterintuitive.

This 3rd video shows the unique ability of Lo-Bak TRAX to be able to specifically target your painful area.  
Targeting the Hip or SI Joint is made much easier by using Lo-Bak TRAX in this way. Using this posture and pushing with a little more effort on the same side results in the ability to pinpoint the exact area you need stretched. Simple moves of the thigh contact up or down on your thigh results in specific targeting of the traction force.  
This allows you to personally customize a stretch to the exact area that needs it most.
You are also in control of the exact amount of force applied which allows you to minimize the possibility of over-stretching or muscle spasm.
Depending on exactly where you place the thigh contact will determine which area you target most. Hip, SI Joint or Low Back.
This technique is very beneficial for people whom suffer with pain which is predominately located on one side more than the other.