Evolved Kinetics® Lo-Bak TRAX Portable Spinal Traction


Chronic Back pain.

You've tried it all.

You're frustrated because nothings worked.

It's not your fault...you did everything you were told to.

You even tried some questionable home remedies recommended by your sister-in-law.

Don't worry...I totally understand.

I was in your shoes and being a Chiropractor only made it worse.

I started to doubt my health, my career...everything!!

I didn't have time to rely on someone else 3 times per week.

Medications with terrible side effects for the rest of my life wasn't something I wanted either.

But big medicine companies rely on repeat business.

Their whole goal is to keep you coming back...customers for life.

My goal was different.
I needed effective relief.

Something 100% drug free that I controlled, on my schedule.

I'm Dr. B, a Chiropractor with an abnormally shaped vertebra.

This caused chronic back pain which only worsened as I got older.

I knew this problem was never going away.

I required treatment that could be done frequently, when I needed it most.

Something simple that could be done comfortably from home.

Frustrated that it didn't already exist... so, I invented it.

That device is called Lo-Bak TRAX™.

Lo-Bak TRAX™ may look simple but it has quite the pedigree:
Cleared by the FDA.
Worked so effectively that a Shark from Shark Tank called us.

You don't need to believe me, just google it and you'll see the thousands of reviews from people just like you who have already tried it.

You'll also see the youtube videos of it on QVC with that Shark. 

So, now that you have another option... do you ignore it?


Do you choose to try something made to fix you.

By someone who suffered, just like you.


Relieve your chronic pain now, with your own 2 hands.


Each Purchase Includes:

1- Lo-Bak TRAX Portable Spinal Traction unit

1- Instructional Manual

1- Instructional DVD

1- Bonus Stretch DVD